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Transform Your Shirts from Plain to Fashionable with These Style Tips

Blank clothing is the most versatile because of their simplicity. You can wear it with almost anything as long as the colours look good together. They are also timeless since plain shirts and clothes never go out of style. However, there are times when we get bored of that simple look our blank clothes have. With a little creativity and imagination, you can actually create a brand-new piece from your blank clothes without spending much. Transform your plain shirts into fashionable ones with these styling tips.


If you want to get a bold and daring style, cut-out style is one of style you must try. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut out some patterns on your plain shirt. There are plenty of ways to do this. First, you could cut the shoulders of your shirt and achieve a lovely lattice effect.

You can also create a distressed shirt style by cutting small holes on the shirt. If you want something sexier, cut-out geometric shapes on the back always looks great. If you’re out of blank clothing and want to find more has a variety of quality blanks to choose from.


Adding studs to your plain shirt always makes it look cool. It’s easy to create this style and even first-timers can do it. First, get a bag of your favourite stud design. Then, plan out the design that you want to make on your shirt. Then, put the studs one by one in place using a heavy-duty fabric glue or even a glue gun. You can also do this using bead but it is better if you sew them into the fabric than just sticking them. With a lot of creativity, you can make a lot of unique designs on your own.


If you want to create a vintage themed or preppy styled shirt, you can do this simply by adding a collar into it. Lace collars are a popular choice but you can also choose Peter Pan collar or anything else that suits your style. Don’t forget to spruce it up by adding some gemstones or beads into it for a classy look.

Sew New Sleeves

It may sound complicated but sewing new sleeved into your old plain shirt will definitely change its look from boring to fab. First, cut off the old sleeves of your shirt. Then, carefully sew in the new sleeve that you like. It could be a lace, leather, or anything that suits your style. Aside from sleeves, you can also use the same material to sew a matching shirt pocket for an added style. You can even experiment and sew more complicated sleeve styles like ruffled or bell sleeves. It’s all up to your imagination on what you want to achieve.

If you’re getting bored with that old plain shirt you have, don’t just junk it out. Instead, spruce it up with those techniques mentioned above and get a whole new clothing piece uniquely made by you.


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