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Wedding Traditions and Their Significance

Although a wedding is an event when two souls come together many traditions surround this ceremony and these traditions vary between religions and countries too. All activities in a wedding have been known to symbolize something and that is why people all around the world still celebrate those events.

Tossing of bouquet

This is one tradition that has existed for a very long time. In this the bride would toss their bouquet over their shoulder to a crowd of single women and whoever holds the bouquet is thought to get married next. It generally happens at the end of the reception and it can get quite competitive too. This kind of event is mainly to celebrate single women and also wish them luck in finding a partner.

The tradition of tossing the bouquet began in England in 1800 where people believed that it was good luck to even touch the bride at her wedding. Single women back then would go to an extent in bringing something even from her wedding dress, the bride in order to avoid this would then throw off her bouquet and run, this tradition mainly came in order to bring in luck to those single women and to prevent people from going to extremes of ripping off the bride’s dress.

Wedding veils

This is another tradition that is being brought down, it adds a romantic touch to the wedding dress and it serves as a perfect finish to the look of the bride. The veil comes in different lengths and styles. It can be elbow length, shoulder length, floor length, knee length, birdcage, blusher, waltz, chapel and cathedral. The type one choses are up to one’s preference.

wearing veils is one of the oldest traditions and people in the olden days used to wrap the bride from top to bottom to depict modesty, purity and chastity in addition it was to shoo away the evil spirits who they believed would do something to spoil the happiness of the bride. Some brides wear the this over the face and others chose to leave it draped over their hair and dress.

Wedding garter

Some people find this tradition cringy and don’t follow this but some others still keep up this tradition. A wedding garter is a piece of clothing worn by the bride under her dress which during the reception the groom has to remove with his teeth or hand and throw it into a crowd. Just like the bouquet it was believed that the bachelor who catches the garter will be the one who marries next.

As stated before in the olden times it was believed to be good luck to have a piece of the bride’s clothing. People used to follow the married couple just to get a piece of clothing from the bride, so the bride used to loosely tie a rag to the bottom of her dress so that they would be able to grab it without tearing her clothes.

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