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A Guide to Dressing Up and Finding Your Style

Having your own style would make dressing up every day and shopping for new clothes easier. It would also make all the clothes that you already own work for you. Meaning, all the clothes in your closet are your favourite clothes! You could wear everything with everything. You would not need to worry that much if your top matches your bottom because everything goes well with everything.

When you have your own style, it does not mean that you could only wear clothes that goes with this style. You could still dress up by wearing other styles, it’s just that having your own style means you know what works for you. And during those days when you don’t know what to wear or you are too lazy to make an effort, your style would save you since this is the look that you constantly pull off.

Check your closet

There is a chance that your closet is a cornucopia of clothes. When you want to find your style, check your closet and choose the clothes that you feel you look the best when you wear them, what you automatically wear when you have no idea what to wear and makes you happy even by just looking at them.

From those arrays of clothes, you will see what is your style. If the clothes that you prefer are mostly pastel colours, frilly and lacey, then your style is definitely feminine. If your preferred clothes keep on changing, you are most certainly trendy. If your closet is full of neutral coloured, flowy and floral prints you could be dressing up with a bohemian look.

Who is your fashion icon?

If there is someone that you look up to when it comes to their style, their fashion choice is your style. Think about that person that you always check their OOTDs or outfit of the day. Do they wear A line skirts, structured blazers and or cable knit sweaters? Do they usually don vintage dresses and they could look like someone who stepped out of an old postcard or classic films?

Or they usually wear leather jackets, flannel shirts and ripped denims? You always check their outfits because chances are you want to dress like them and they are who you consider to be your fashion icon. No matter what style it is, venom Emilio fashion offers a selection of clothes that cater to every type of fashion styles.

Decide on your signature pieces

Deciding on your signature pieces should take time and you should really carefully and thoughtfully think about it. These signature pieces would make the whole outfit and the fashion style you. When people see these pieces, they would automatically think that this is “so you”. This would also help you put together your outfits since these signature pieces are the mainstay of all your look.

Even if you already have your own style, you should not feel constricted. So, take the time to truly think about what fashion style suits you the best. Most of all, don’t forget to enjoy dressing up and if the clothes spark joy, wear them!


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