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Keep Your Designer Handbags in Top Condition with These Tips

Although shoes and handbags are usually made with the same material which is leather, they require different types of care and maintenance to keep them looking at their best. Handbags add some style to any outfit you wear, whether it is casual or formal. Some of us even have our favourite handbag that we take with us everywhere we go, to carry all our necessities. Who wouldn’t want to make their handbags last long and look like new even after years of regular use?

If you’re looking for ways to preserve and care for that favourite handbag of yours, here are some tips you should follow.

Regular Maintenance

Just like other things, you also need to maintain handbags regularly to make them last long. Regular maintenance is not that complicated at all – simply empty them from time to time, shake upside down to remove dust and dirt inside and wipe the outer material with alcohol-free wipes. Never handle your bag when your hands are dirty or after applying some hand lotion or cream on it as it could weaken the outer material of the bag.

Use the Right Care Products

When shopping for products used for cleaning leather handbags, always choose ones that are meant to be used for handbags. To make the leather look new, apply a leather cream into the outer material using a soft cloth. Let it dry and settle first before buffing with a soft cotton. You could use a suede brush to refresh the look of suede bags.

There are also protectant spray products you could apply on your handbag’s surface to keep the material protected from dirt and damage while making it look new. Be sure to choose the right product depending on what material your bag is made of. To be sure that the product is okay to be used, you can do a patch test on a hidden spot in your bag to see if it discolours the material or not.

Remove Stains Immediately

Stains can’t be avoided on handbags. When this happens, be sure to remove them promptly before they get stuck harder on the surface. Whether it is a food stain, pen marks, bad odours, and water spots, treat them immediately or you could bring your bag to a professional cleaner if it’s hard to erase.

Take Care of the Interior

We carry a lot of things in our bag – from cosmetics, food, medicines, pen, and many more. When carrying items that could spill or potentially stain the interior of your handbag, always put them in plastic pouches before putting in your bag. Save yourself some time by preventing stains from happening. Aside from that, some of these items such as lipstick can be hard or even impossible to remove. It is best if you’re bag is safe from those hard to remove stains.

With a little love and care, your bag will surely last and serve you longer than you expect it to be.


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