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Gifts for Your Best Friend on Her Birthday

A true best friend is hard to come by in life, with whom you can share your happiness, your worst times is really a gift. To such a person you want to give a gift that makes her so happy and show that you love and care for her immensely. There are variety of gifts you can choose from and If you wish you can give as many gifts as you want.

Planning a surprise

Who doesn’t love a surprise, we all love that anticipation and thrill we get out of a surprise and it’s one of the ways to show how much you care and love the person, to do this you need to come up with a good plan, a plan your best friend wont expect, discuss this with her family and her other friends and come up with a way to throw the surprise. This can be done at home or outside, if you are planning to hold the birthday surprise at a place where you would have to make a reservation before you have to do it several days prior to avoid any disappointment.

A jar with notes

A lovely handwritten note is one to cherish, but what about many? It is not possible to write down your friendship in words in a single letter but there are things you can write down. So, get colourful papers and write many notes that talks about your time you spent together, the memories you have shared, how much she means to you and the crazy things you have done and fold them up and put it in a jar, decorate the jar and wrap the neck of the jar beautifully and present it to your best friend.

Get clothes

If your loves clothes you can get a beautiful piece from Scanlan Theodore women’s clothing in her favourite colour. You can then wrap those up nicely in a box and send it to her such that she receives it in the morning of her birthday and you would have made her day.

Tickets to a concert

Keep on the watch for her favourite band or artist performing nearby and if they are performing you can get tickets to this concert. Usually, concert tickets tend to sell out so be on the lookout for it and if there is any quickly purchase it. If there isn’t any concert what you can do is purchase an album of her favourite band or artist and gift it to her.

Curate a gift box

A gift box curated with self-care products is amazing you can create a box with body scrub, moisturizer, face wash, aromatic soaps and candles.

Baking something

If you are good at baking you can bake her favourite desert, this could be cookies or brownies or cake. You can wrap this up nicely and bring it to her.

Matching necklace

You can even get matching necklaces which says best friends forever or something like that.


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