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How to Choose the Perfect Jewellery for Your Wedding Day?

A wedding is that one day you cannot get your outfit wrong. So, when you are putting together your dress, shoes and veil, you also need to pay enough attention to the jewellery you are going to pick. But how to pick the jewellery that marches perfectly with your dress? And how to pick them in way that won’t make you regret your decisions when you look at the wedding photos in future? Read below to find out.

Minimalism is Trendy

Minimalist, simple jewellery is the trend these days. Of course, have one statement necklace without any other jewellery or opt for a tiara that would stand out. But the point to remember is that less is more. The focus of your outfit is the dress. And the jewellery should not take away that. You can Choose a minimalist jewellery set which has matching necklace and earrings.

If you have an upper neckline in the dress, then do not opt for necklaces as this would make your neckline look too busy. If you are wearing a large necklace you can either go without earrings or opt for earrings that are small and subtle. If you are choosing large earrings, make sure the necklace size does not clash with it. When choosing headdresses and tiaras, make sure they match your jewellery.

The Neckline of Your Dress

Like said above as well, the neckline of a dress plays a huge part when it comes to choosing what jewellery you can wear, especially earrings and necklaces. For necklines like halter neckline, round or boat necks, necklaces will not always match. Instead opt for earrings only. You do not want to clash your neckline style with a necklace.

The same applies for some off-shoulder patterns too. Off shoulder means minimum fabric on your shoulder and upper chest, allowing you the space to wear earrings that are a little bigger. Chokers are perfect for necklines like sweetheart or strapless dresses. A necklace with a pedant will look perfect with a v-line neck.

Dress Style

Remember the dress style you have chosen when selecting your jewellery. This will decide the kind of metal you need to choose and what stones you can wear. If your dress is the traditional white, then metals like white gold or silver is perfect for you.

For dresses that are more ivory or have yellowish hues, the gold is the perfect.  For dresses that have a more pinkish hue, then opt for rose gold. If you want a little bit of style or even a splash of colour, opt for necklaces or earrings with stones. But, if your dress already has patterns of beading, then make sure to match the metals and stones you choose with these patterns.


Does your wedding have a theme? For some of the weddings, the jewellery has to be specifically chosen to complement the themes. For example, metals will not look well in a boho wedding. Instead, you can choose small beads or ethnic inspired jewellery. Beach weddings and outdoor weddings also tend to lean more towards floral jewellery instead of metals.

For beach themed weddings cultured pearl necklaces, earrings and rings would also look good and will show off the sea inspired theme perfectly. Although the theme is not one of the most prominent components when it comes to jewellery selection, it will certainly add to the rest of the aesthetic of your wedding.

Just like the wedding dress, put a lot of thought into your jewellery. Talk to your wedding stylist and get the opinion of your bridesmaids too if you are not sure. But remember to make the final choice by yourself in order to make sure you are wearing what you love.


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