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Re-Inventing the Art of Wearing Jeans

Jeans are probably the most worn form of pants for people everywhere. The ease, convenience, style and versatility have made jeans the go to outfit for most. While most of us would have been living in sweatpants, shorts and leggings due to quarantine and having no reason to leave your home with things slowly going back to normal everyone is officially out and about.

So, what does that mean for your trustee pair of denims? It is about to get a lot more airplay. Since jeans are probably the most own item in your closet it is important to get one that really works for you. Whether it is for a grocery run, chilled evening drive or smart casual event here are some ways to re-invent the art of wearing jeans.

Finding the right fit

This option is recommended for men and women. There are plenty of jean styles, cuts and colours but there will only be a few that really works for you. Depending on the shape of your body not every style will suit you, so instead of getting into what is trending look for a pair of jeans that make you look trendy.

Girls have the various options of high-rise, mid-rise or low rise and then the cut of the leg how skinny or broad you want it to be. Boys too have a range of option from straight legged, skinny to fitting.  All these options can be a little overwhelming so we suggest getting in some research beforehand. If you are looking for a Levis store Sydney has many outlets that can help you find the right fit.

Fit for the occasion

We doubt you can get away with wearing ripped jeans for an office event, right? Hence why it is important to dress for the occasion. While jeans can be dressed down or up it depends on you to get the job done. Therefore, selecting the best silhouette is important. A buttoned-down shirt with a dark wash pair of jeans will look ideal for a smart casual or classy look. While if you are attending a Sunday brunch light wash jean are great for a relaxed look. The point is to browse through the variety of options available to see which looks work best for you.

Comfort and cut

Different brands of jeans have different styles and cuts that are specific for each brand. This is a standard design that differentiates each brand from another. However, this also plays a role in what suits you. A certain fit; colour and texture of material by a particular brand may work better for you than another.

Also, you may have your favourite go to brand that you are loyal to. Either way it is important to keep an open mind when choosing jeans. You may be able to have more than one pair from different brands as different style work for different occasions. However, comfort and look are the two most important factors to consider.


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