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The Building Blocks to Boosting Confidence in A Teenager

Dealing with the stress of getting used to the changes in your body and fitting in to the right clique at school, could be a real damper on a teenager’s confidence. Due to these major life changes, a teenager’s self-esteem may plummet resulting to a change in their attitude.

Building self-confidence is really important to help you make calm and rational decisions when facing a distressing or unexpected situation. Self-confidence could prevent you from mingling with the wrong clique in school, allow you to stand up for yourself and effectively deal with peer pressure.

Choose your friends wisely

When choosing the right kind of friends for you, don’t pick them according to their social status, level of popularity or by the kind of clothes they wear. Be with people who affect you positively and make you feel comfortable just being yourself. They would be the kind of people who wouldn’t judge you for how crazy you are, but instead, would join in on your craziness. Knowing you have loyal friends who have your back no matter what, can boost your confidence.

Set your goals & track your progress

You may be wondering; ‘how would this help me with my level of confidence?’ When you achieve the goals you set out to complete, you will feel good about yourself. You were able to accomplish something using only your sheer will and determination and that thought alone could do wonders to your self-esteem. If you feel demotivated when trying to achieve your goal, track your progress to see how far you have come and treat yourself when you reach a certain milestone.

Achieve excellence, not perfection

As you reach your teen years, you pick up on the idea that you need to be perfect to climb that social ladder in school. This very thought could be your downfall. There is no such thing as doing something perfectly. If you strive to achieve perfection, then you may end up achieving nothing. Just do your best and accept that. If you do your best, then you will have no regrets. Feel good about yourself and be patient because someday those efforts will pay off.

Dress to impress; not others, but yourself

The clothes you wear do not make you who you are, but it can have a strong effect on your self-confidence. Don’t try to fit in with what is trending or in season, instead create your own look that showcases your personality. You will be comfortable and that would improve your overall mood as well. It is not those designer bags or expensive shoes that makes you look fashionable, but the confidence you exude that allows you to pull off teenage dresses and jumpsuits.

Give kindness and gain confidence

Showing others kindness and helping them out, can help you build your self-confidence. Work for a good cause or help out your family and friends. Once you see how your actions benefit others and brighten up their day, you will realize your self-worth. It is a very rewarding feeling.

The base for all these ideas is making yourself happy. If you are comfortable with the clothes you wear, the people you hang out with and the way you behave then you can achieve confidence. When you reach a state of mind where you do not feel the need to compare yourself to others, then you have achieved confidence. According to Blake Lively, the most beautiful thing you can wear is your confidence and I agree!


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