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New Loungewear Fashion Trends 2021

Almost everyone is aware that loungewear is not limited to casualwear or comfortable clothing. Loungewear can also be a fashion statement. If you are looking to relax at work or stay at home wearing loungewear pieces is the first step to find peace. Additionally, it is useful to wear when running a quick errand, attending a casual business meeting or hangout. It is the impeccable wardrobe for a day at home, a busy day in the office or when one is on vacation mode.

How do you distinguish loungewear from sleepwear? Easy! Loungewear is on middle ground, between pyjamas & athleisure clothing styles. The versatility of loungewear is a definite positive and the range of options is an absolute plus. These types of clothes can be worn if you are too lazy and looking for a way to be both fashionable and cosy. I have listed a few new loungewear trends for 2021:

Oversized Button-Down Shirts

The classic oversized button-down shirt is a crowd favourite. The shirt has shot up in popularity and is demanded across the globe. The best part is, you can take any frumpy looking shirt and style it for any occasion. The oversized button-down shirt can be created with many different fabrics to give you a comfortable or cosy-lux look. For instance, you could pair up an oversized bowling shirt from Josh + Thom with some linen shorts for a day of relaxation or a casual meeting. In addition, a silk shirt of this type, paired with a tapered trouser, skinny jean or a legging will give you an elevated chic look.

Knit Sets

A sophisticated knit set is one of the most fashionable outfits of 2021. You can choose the level of sophistication with knit sets. For instance, on a lazy day you could wear a matching set knitted in cashmere fabric, pair it with gold jewellery pieces and a blow dry and you will be the essence of elegance with minimal effort.


A style trend that is not going anywhere is the hoodie. A hoodie is a versatile piece in your everyday wardrobe, as it can be paired with almost anything. For example, you can combine your hoodie with chinos, pants, khakis, joggers, white sneakers or boots. In addition, hoodies can be styled in a variety of ways. For instance, if your hoodie is not too bulky you could wear it with a blazer piece for a stylish look. You could also pair it with a leather jacket for a cutting-edge fashion statement. The versatility of the hoodie can help you transition from one look to another with ease.


Tracksuits are returning to the fashion world in 2021 for both men and women. Tracksuits provide sufficient comfort and are available in an array of colours. If you want to add a pop of colour in your lounge wardrobe, a tracksuit is an ideal choice for you. It’s a trend which can be used to relax on the couch, go shopping or hit the gym. Grab your tracksuit to get moving or lie down on your sofa this year.

Add these trendy pieces into your 2021 loungewear wardrobe and remain relevant in the fashion game.


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